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Below is a complete listing of all Ohio Historical Markers. To find a detailed marker listing including text, photographs, and locations, click on a county below. Our listing is updated by the markers program as new markers are installed and older markers are reported damaged or missing.

Is there a significant piece of history in your community that you would like to commemorate with an Ohio Historical Marker? Historic properties, persons, and events with local, state, or national significance are eligible. Individuals, public agencies, or private organizations are encouraged to apply to the Ohio Historical Markers Program using the application and supporting materials provided below. Annual deadline is May 1 without exception.

Special Call


The Ohio History Connection is seeking to balance the stories being told across the state by issuing a special call for specific topics and locations that are currently underserved by the marker program. We are asking for Ohio marker stories about people of color, women, LGBTQ+, immigrants, under-represented faith-based traditions, and people with disabilities. Counties with fewer than 12 markers will be considered as an underserved area and given a spot to tell their stories during this application cycle. During a “Special Call” only applications addressing the requested topics or locations will be considered. The next OPEN application deadline will likely be May 1, 2024.
Criteria of Significance

Marker nominations should address at least one important aspect of Ohio’s historical, natural, or physical development in one of the following areas: history, architecture, culture, archaeology, or natural history.

All marker subjects must embody one or more of the following:

  • Be associated with events that have made a significant contribution to broad patterns of history;
  • Be associated with persons no longer living who have made significant contributions to patterns of history and culture;
  • Embody the distinctive characteristics of a type, style, period, method of construction, architecture, or represent the work of a master;
  • Yield, or be likely to yield, information important in prehistory or history;
  • Be associated with groups who have made distinctive and significant contributions to history;
  • Embody characteristics of the state representing significant aspects of the physical or natural history of the earth and its life.
Application Process and Annual Deadline

Applications are required to obtain an Ohio Historical Marker. While the submission of an application does not guarantee that a marker will be awarded, the Ohio Historical Markers Program appreciates your efforts to provide all of the information requested. The Ohio History Connection administers the Ohio Historical Marker Program and the Historical Markers Coordinator manages and oversees the application process. Please contact us with any questions as you work through the application requirements.

The application deadline is May 1 every year without exception.

  • The program runs on an annual July-June cycle.
  • Please honor this date and make note of the how we handle applications received at other times of the year on the introduction or home page to Remarkable Ohio.
  • A paper application form can be downloaded here. Use this to prepare your application and assemble the required documents prior to starting the electronic application found on our “Marker Application” tab.
  • While you can save your work on the electronic application and come back to it, that work will only be held for 7 (seven) days. Be sure to hit “submit” prior to your application session expires.
  • During this first year we will consider a paper application if you have previously consulted with the Historical Marker Coordinator why you cannot submit the electronic version.
  • Should you have difficulty uploading files, we will accept a “hybrid” application if you have consulted with the Marker Coordinator.
  • ALL applications are due by noon on May 1. Electronic submissions after that date and time will be deleted. Paper submissions that arrive after May 1, will be returned.
Cost of a Marker and Marker Grants

The price of a marker varies based upon amount of text and if there are any added photographs or maps. The Local Sponsor is responsible for the purchase price of the marker. Payment is due at the time that final marker text is returned for a signature.

  • The price of a marker varies based upon amount of text and if there are any added photographs or maps.
  • The Local Sponsor is responsible for the purchase price of the marker.
  • Payment is due at the time that final marker text is returned for a signature.
  • Marker grants are currently available to help fund the purchase of a marker.
  • The marker application includes a grant check-off spot to apply for funding. If interested in one of the available grants, please complete the entire application and be sure to check-off the grant you are seeking. Honestly, a simple check on the application will put your application into consideration for grant funding.

QUESTIONS? Be sure to read the FAQ as many common questions about the application process are included. You are always welcome to phone or email Laura at 614-297-2360 or [email protected].

DISCLAIMER: Ohio History Connection staff and volunteers help to verify historical accuracy and edit the marker text. All parties go to great lengths to ensure that the texts are accurate and markers are deemed to be as accurate as possible at the time of production. Ultimately, however, accuracy rests with the partners and sponsors.