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23-78 Casterline Cemetery

Side A: Originally part of the Casterline farm, this cemetery was once the site of the 1824 Bazetta Presbyterian Church, the first church in Bazetta Township. Ziba Casterline deeded .75 acres for the cemetery to the church in 1829 for five dollars. When the small log structured church was relocated to Lot 55 in the township, the cemetery remained. Buried in the cemetery are several early settlers, including Moses Hampton, Joseph Headley, Joseph Pruden, and John Hulse, the first white child born in the township. [continued on other side]
Side B: [continued from other side] Those interred in the Casterline Cemetery reflect the nation’s military history from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. Moses Hampton, Joseph Headley Sr., Joseph Pruden, and Edward Dray are Revolutionary War soldiers. At least two are from the War of 1812, William Dray and Joseph Headley Jr. David Wilson was a veteran of the Mexican-American War, and Chauncey Hayden fought during the Civil War. Ziba Casterline, born in 1801, was a physician in the Civil War. Many of their descendents continue to live in the area.
Sponsors: City of Cortland, Cortland Beautification Association, Bazetta-Cortland Historical Society, and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: Immediately S of 418 South High Street, 
Latitude: 41.3235530
Longitude: -80.7287120