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8-31 Congress Green Cemetery / John Cleves Symmes

Side A: Originally belonging to the William Henry Harrison family, this cemetery was known as “The Pasture Graveyard” until the Civil War era. It became the final resting place of many members of the Harrison and Symmes families as well as other early settlers to the North Bend area. It was in use until 1884 when Maple Grove Cemetery opened as the official township cemetery.
Side B: Judge John Cleves Symmes of New Jersey purchased a huge tract of land “between the Miamis” (rivers) stretching from the Ohio River to the Greenville Treaty Line that became known as the Miami Purchase. Symmes helped found the town of North Bend. His daughter, Anna Symmes, married William Henry Harrison, later President of the United States. John Cleves Symmes is buried in the Harrison-Symmes plot in this cemetery.
Sponsors: Erected by The Ohio Historical Society in conjunction with the State of Ohio
Address: 35 Cliff Road, 
North Bend, 
Location: Congress Green Cemetery, at the intersection of Cliff Road and Congress Green Road
Latitude: 39.1516350
Longitude: -84.7537110