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ALERT: The marker replaced an earlier marker, Johnstown Cemetery.

17-45 Bigelow Cemetery / Bigelow Cemetery War Veterans

Side A: In 1810, Dr. Oliver Bigelow from Lansing, New York purchased a 4,000 acre tract of land in Monroe Township for $10,000. Dr. Bigelow planned to build a town. After mapping out streets, the town square, and a cemetery, he named the village Johnstown. Dr. Bigelow was the town’s first medical doctor and the first mayor. He died on November 5, 1817 and was buried in Bigelow Cemetery. Located in the southwest corner of the village, the cemetery became the resting place for more than 275 early residents as well as veterans of three wars. Their grave markers, though weathered by the seasons, serve as a reminder of their great contributions to their community and the nation.
Side B: Revolutionary War Elijah Adams; Oliver Bigelow, M.D.; Benjamin DeWolf; Caleb Hill; Abel Jewett; John (Jacob) Martin; Thomas Perkins; Moses Scovill, Thomas Scovill, Peter Stevens War of 1812 Claudius Brittell, David Buxton, Joseph Evans, Daniel Gardner, Stephen Grove, Isreal Harding, Emanuel Hoover, Samuel Hoover, Samuel Martindale, David Scovill Civil War John Adams, Leroy Bell, Albert Cady, John Cummins, Samuel DeWolf, Charles Peck, Israel Scovill
Sponsors: Village of Johnstown American Legion Post 254 Johnstown Historical Society The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 180 W Maple Street, 
Location: Located next to the American Legion Post 254 at 180 W Maple St
Latitude: 40.1524510
Longitude: -82.6904370