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16-60 Roseville Pottery Company 1890-1954 Linden Avenue Plant

Side A: Founded in 1890 in Roseville, Ohio, Roseville Pottery Company was incorporated in 1892 with George Young as general manager. At the time, Roseville produced commercial pottery such as stoneware, flowerpots, and cuspidors. The company moved to this Linden Avenue location in 1898, and began creating art pottery. By 1917, all production of pottery was moved to the Linden Avenue Plant. The Roseville Pottery Company was among the most commercially successful producers of art pottery in America until closing in 1954. During its span of sixty-four years, Roseville opened four plants and produced an enormous quantity and variety of pottery made primarily from native Ohio clay. The hallmark of Roseville Pottery is its unmistakable dynamic and artistic quality, designed for the average consumer in a modern age. Roseville’s great success can be attributed to its ability to blend commercial enterprise with the highest standards of ceramic artware production.
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Iowa Art Pottery Association and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 2561 Linden Avenue, 
Latitude: 39.9695130
Longitude: -81.9950000