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23-45 Founding of Granville, The Licking Company / The Granville Site “The most eligible part”

Side A: In 1804 a group of neighbors in Granville, Massachusetts and Granby, Connecticut formed The Licking Company for the purpose of moving to “Newlands” in Ohio. Inspired and informed by the settlement of Worthington in 1803, the Company purchased 29,040 acres in the U.S. Military District. Advance parties surveyed and mapped a site, established a mill, and planted grain. The Company planned a public square, a school, library, quarry, burying ground, and property for the support of churches. In November and December 1805, some 150 emigrants in ox-drawn wagons arrived in their new home and built temporary shelters on the designated public square. On December 9 through 12 1805, Company members selected their Granville lots in an auction that was described as peaceable and honest.
Side B: [PLAT] The Partition Deed of the Licking Company reads “There shall be laid out A Town Plat in the most eligible part of said tract of land….” The town site chosen was sheltered by the hills with copious springs, but open to the south on the second terrace above a branch of the Licking River. Today’s village streets reflect the original plan with its “Broad Way” and connecting roads to Lancaster, Owl Creek (Mt. Vernon), and Worthington.
Sponsors: The Granville Historical Society and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: SE corner of E Broadway and S Main Street, 
Location: Opera House Park
Latitude: 40.0677560
Longitude: -82.5199090