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5-88 Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area-A Feature of Ohio’s Prairies

Side A: Prairie grasslands were once widely scattered across western Ohio. One of Ohio’s best remaining prairies, Killdeer Plains is dominated by tall grasses such as the big bluestem and plays host to some unique species of wildlife such as the eastern massasauga or swamp rattlesnake. Prairie grasslands are one of the most rare types of wildlife habitats in the state. Named for the killdeer, a shore bird, this is part of a wet prairie that once spanned some 30,000 acres and boasts a tremendous number and diversity of native wildlife.
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The International Paper Company Foundation, and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 19100 C.H. 115, 
Location: 19100 C.H. 115
Latitude: 40.7149830
Longitude: -83.2996780