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99-18 Woodvale Union Cemetery

Side A: Woodvale Cemetery was established in the mid-1800s, in Middleburgh Township, Ohio. The oldest marked grave holds Fred G. Klink (1835-1858), whose family donated a half acre of land for burials. In 1876, Frank M. Stearns (1832-1911) suggested the unnamed cemetery be called Woodvale, after the wooded vale beside it. In 1908, a fire destroyed the caretaker’s house and many cemetery records. Woodvale became a non-profit, union cemetery in 1931, owned by Berea and the Village of Middleburg Hts. and covering 35 acres at 7535 Engle Road. Pioneer families buried here: Fowles, Kraft, Lovejoy, Sprague, and Stearns. Also buried here: John Baldwin (1799-1884) founder of Baldwin University and James Wallace (1878-1953) founder of German Wallace College (merged in 1913 to become Baldwin Wallace College) (Continued other side)
Side B: (Continued from other side) Other notable burials here include William Engle (1814-1897), a constable, township trustee and school director who built the township’s first log house in 1848; Veterans of every U.S. war and some conflicts including Second Lt. Albert E. Baesel (1890-1918), a WW I soldier from the 148th Infantry Division who received the Congressional Medal of Honor; Children from Berea’s “Home for Children,” as far back as 1890. Graves were dug by hand by caretakers, including one-armed Fred Beavis (1907-1989), until equipment was used in 1955. In 2010, Woodvale covered 50 acres, bordered by Cleveland Metroparks, Big Creek Pkwy., Fowles and Engle Roads. A Board of Trustees of both cities governs the Cemetery.
Sponsors: Woodvale Union Cemetery, The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 17769 Fowles Road, 
Middleburg Heights, 
Location: Located at the NE corner of Fowles Road and Engle Road
Latitude: 41.3593012
Longitude: -81.8252251