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12-15 Riverview Cemetery

Side A: Envisioned as a rural cemetery with careful attention to landscaping design and symmetrical lots, the Riverview Cemetery was established in 1883 on forty acres of land. The chapel was a gift to Riverview from the Grand Army of the Republic, mostly Civil War veterans, and was dedicated on Memorial Day 1899. Plaques inside the chapel list 702 men from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia who served in the Civil War, including 311 who are memorialized or buried at Riverview. There are also plaques listing soldiers killed in World Wars I and II, Korea, and Vietnam. The rich history of East Liverpool and Columbiana County is documented in the burials at Riverview Cemetery.
Side B: Notable persons buried in Riverview: SANFORD HILL, mathematician, surveyor, postmaster, and astrologer, and known as the “Almanac Man,” provided calculations for almanacs for 43 consecutive years until his death in 1871. DICK ALBRIGHT, Salvation Army Evangelist, founded the first Salvation Army band in the country in 1885 along with Tom Manton and Harry Webb – affectionately known as “Tom, Dick, and Harry.” JOHN NESSLEY TAYLOR was president of Knowles, Taylor and Knowles, pottery manufacturers of the famous “Lotus Ware.” JACK GILBERT, writer and journalist, gained nationwide attention in 1983 for his founding of “National Failure’s Day” honoring those who have experienced failure in pursuit of a noble dream. Businessman, philanthropist, and composer, WILL THOMPSON has the words of his famous hymn “Softly and Tenderly: Jesus is Calling” engraved on his headstone. WILLIAM SURLES was awarded the Medal of Honor as a member of the 2nd Ohio Infantry for his efforts to save the life of his commanding officer at the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky on October 8, 1862.
Sponsors: Riverview Cemetery Association and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 2026 St. Clair Avenue, 
East Liverpool, 
Location: At the Civil War memorial in Riverview Cemetery
Latitude: 40.6375210
Longitude: -80.5729540