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About the Ohio Historical Marker Program


Below is a complete listing of all Ohio Historical Markers. To find a detailed marker listing including text, photographs, and locations, click on a county below. Our listing is updated by the markers program as new markers are installed and older markers are reported damaged or missing.

Ohio Historical Marker ProgramThe Ohio Historical Marker program is administered by the Ohio History Connection. Since 1957, the program has placed more than 1,700 markers that share our state’s history. Partnering with community sponsors, we help tell the unique stories of the people, places, things, or events that helped shape individual communities as well as Ohio and the nation. Approximately 20-30 new markers are accepted into the program each year.

Ohio Historical Markers identify, commemorate, and honor important people, places, things, or events that have contributed to the rich history of our state. The program, administered by the Ohio History Connection, has proven to be a vital educational tool that informs both residents and visitors about the significant local, state, or national history that happened in or near the location of the marker.

Corporate Limit Markers, the Ohio-shaped signs posted at village and city limits, are also administered through the program.

Interested in obtaining either an Ohio Historical Marker or a Corporate Limit Marker? The program runs on an annual July-June cycle and applications are due in our office every year on May 1. A paper application to use while gathering materials is on the “Propose a Marker” page along with current price lists, grant information, marker criteria, and our working Marker Handbook.

Our new electronic application is found by clicking the “Propose a Marker” tab. We encourage you to use this application to submit your marker proposal by May 1.

IMPORTANT: The May 1 application deadline applies to ALL applicants, regardless if you plan to fully fund the marker or are seeking marker grants to help defray the cost of erecting a marker. We do not accept applications on a rolling basis through the year. Applications that arrive prior to the next May 1 deadline will be placed into a holding file for the next application cycle. Every May and June internal and external committees carefully review applications and make decisions for the next round of markers as well as the awarding of marker grants. In doing so, the committees strive to represent all the stories across the state and to uphold the Ohio History Connection’s core values of relevance, authenticity, inclusivity, stewardship, and working together.

The Ohio Historical Markers program was saddened by the recent death of Robert W. Lucas, long-time trustee and marker advocate. Prior to his death, he and his wife created the Robert W. and Karen W. Lucas Ohio Historical Marker Fund to help support markers in specific counties of Ohio. The criteria for this new fund is on our Propose A Marker page. If you would like to donate to this fund in honor of Robert Lucas we are putting the hyperlink here.