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108-18 The Ahola Corporation

Side A: The Ahola Corporation is the world’s longest continuously operating family-focused payroll service provider. It was founded in 1967 by computer programmer Chet Ahola, known at the time as a “computer” (not a machine, but a person who computes) and his data analyst wife, Rheta, a “debugger” (the person who removed the moths that were attracted to the heat of the mainframe computers). Initially Keypunch Services and later the Ahola Corporation, the company represented the first exposure to the power of the computer to its many small and mid-sized business clients. (Continued on other side)
Side B: (Continued from the other side) The company’s family enterprise focus was influenced by renowned Harvard-educated expert Dr. Leon A. Danco, founder of the Center For Family Business in Cleveland, Ohio. Under continuous management by Chet, Rheta, and their four children, The Ahola Corporation has provided technology-driven solutions, primarily in payroll services, specializing in meeting the unique needs of family businesses.
Address: 6820 West Snowville Road, 
Location: Ahola Corporation
Latitude: 41.2829870
Longitude: -81.6326400