Remarkable Ohio


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5-7 Harley E. Warrick (1924-2000)

Side A: The last barn painter for the Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company of Wheeling, West Virginia, Harley Warrick painted thousands of barns with the familiar Mail Pouch Tobacco logo over his 48-year career. Mail Pouch transcended advertising to become a fixture of nostalgic Americana, emblazoning barns across fifteen states with the “Midwestern imperative”: Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco-Treat Yourself to the Best. Once a common form of advertising through the early 20th century, barn painting became the sole province of Mail Pouch in this region by mid-century. The Highway Beautification Act of 1965 restricted roadside advertising, and in 1969 Bloch Brothers curtailed its program, retaining Warrick to refinish barns for their historical value until his retirement in 1993.
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The Longaberger Company, Belmont Blue Eagle Committee, The Village of Belmont, and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: Brown Street near 3rd Street, 
Location: Break area in front of the Belmont Gym
Latitude: 40.0258440
Longitude: -81.0412390