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8-41 Abraham Lincoln’s Visit to Steubenville

Side A: Abraham Lincoln and his family stopped in Steubenville on February 14, 1861 on their way to Lincoln’s presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. Traveling by train, once in Steubenville he departed the depot to address a large crowd of Ohioans and Virginians from a platform at Market and High Streets. When Judge W.R. Lloyd introduced him as the only person who could preserve the Union during this time of national crisis, President elect Lincoln electrified the attentive audience by eloquently speaking on the commitment to the Constitution by people from both sides of the Ohio River, on the differing opinions of what the Constitution means, and on the virtues of majority rule. Fifty-seven days later, the Civil War began. No one at the time knew that Steubenville native Edwin M. Stanton would become Lincoln’s Secretary of War and that Stanton would give the immortal tribute at Lincoln’s death in 1865 saying, “Now he belongs to the ages!”
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Steubenville Rotary Club and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 301 Market Street, Jefferson County Courthouse, 
Location: SE corner of Market Street and N 3rd Street to the right of the Edwin Stanton statue
Latitude: 40.3597420
Longitude: -80.6136840