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11-52 Johnson House Museum / Carriage Factory

Side A: The Johnson House was built in 1852 and its first owner was Henry J. Traver (1827-1911), owner of Traver & Company carriage factory across the street. From 1877 until 1994 the house was the residence and office of four doctors who maintained their practices there. The first was Dr. Daniel Cranz (1854 — 1914); followed by Dr. Thomas Ritter (1855—1928). In 1900, Dr. Robert Johnson (1878 — 1952) purchased the house. His daughter Dr. Myra Johnson (1909 — 1994) took over the practice after he died and until she retired in 1976. After her death, the house was converted into a museum. It is operated by the Wadsworth Area Historical Society and owned by the City of Wadsworth. (Continued on other side)
Side B: (Continued from other side) A carriage manufacturing business was located across the street from the Johnson House and is believed to have been established around 1838. Eventually acquired by Henry J. Traver, the business continued under various names and owners as Traver & Company, Stevenson, Browning & Steele, Browning & Steele, and R. Stevenson & Company. The firm’s office was the location of the Wadsworth’s first election on April 4, 1866, during which Aaron Pardee (1808-1898) was elected the first mayor. In 1875, the carriage maker was thought to employ approximately 20 people. In the 1890s, it occupied about 7,000 square feet of floor space. Automobiles began to replace horse drawn vehicles early in the 20th century and the carriage business closed in 1915.
Sponsors: Wadsworth Area Historical Society, The Whitlam Family, Wadsworth American Legion Post 170 and the Ohio History Connection
Address: 161 High Street, 
Location: Johnson House Museum
Latitude: 41.0272300
Longitude: -81.7295500