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16-87 John A. Wilson

Side A: Born July 25, 1832, near Worthington, Ohio, John Alf Wilson lived at this site. At the age of 29, he enlisted in C. Company, 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry under General O.M. Mitchell. General Mitchell consented to a dangerous mission led by John Andrews to cripple Confederate supply lines. Alf Wilson was one of 22 men who volunteered to steal a train and destroy track and railroad bridges and cut telegraph wires on the route through Georgia to Chattanooga. The “Andrews Raiders” boarded the train in Marietta, Georgia, and seized the engine, The General, at Big Shanty. Its crew and Confederate soldiers pursued The General until it gave out before reaching Chattanooga. Eventually, all the Raiders were captured. Several, including Wilson, escaped from prison, while Andrews and seven men were tried as spies and hung. Wilson was captured again before returning to Wood County. He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1863.
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Haskins Historical Society and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 209 N. Findlay Rd, 
Location: 209 N. Findlay Rd
Latitude: 41.4663227
Longitude: -83.7056752