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25-29 Mormon Migration, Kirtland Camp / Facts About Kirtland Camp

Side A: On July 28, 1838, the first and largest company of Mormon pioneers to migrate west camped along the Mad River near this site. Known as Kirtland Camp, the 515 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) appeared as a train of 59 covered wagons and 189 head of livestock stretching a distance of 9 miles. They were heading to Missouri from Kirtland, Ohio. The migrants fled religious persecution and sought new homes and religious freedom. They sought respite here during the journey. To earn money, the Saints accepted various jobs. These included building dykes and levees, and half-mile section of Springfield-Dayton Turnpike. The Saints resumed their trek on August 29, 1838.
Side B: – The Kirtland Camp was the first organized migration of more than 500 people in one group by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). – The Camp’s 870-mile trek began on July 6, 1838 in Kirtland, Ohio and ended October 4, 1838 in Far West, Missouri. – The exodus from Kirtland in one large company inaugurated the Mormon migration westward. – Kirtland Camp covenanted to live by a Camp constitution that provided guidelines for the administering of the Camp and set a code of conduct for its members. – The bodies of 5 children who died during the encampment on the Mad River are buried here, demonstrating the sacrifices and tragedies faced by Saints in pursuit of religious freedom.
Address: 4095 Lower Valley Pike, Huffman Lake Park, 
Location: SE portion of the parking area near the entrance
Latitude: 39.8086240
Longitude: -84.0864090