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19-25 John Rarey and “Cruiser”

Side A: John S. Rarey (1827-1866), born in Groveport, became internationally famous for his revolutionary horse-taming methods based on his strong belief in kindness to animals. The principles of his training system were kindness, patience, and firmness. One of his greater challenges was Cruiser (1852-1875), the wild-tempered stallion owned by Guy Carlton, Earl of Dorchester. After only three hours, Rarey tamed the dark bay horse and was promptly given the animal as a reward by the amazed Englishman. Cruiser was subsequently stabled in Groveport and remains a local legend to this day. Although Rarey carefully specified for the care of Cruiser in his will, the horse, lacking the special touch of his trainer, reverted to his untamed ways.
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Village of Groveport and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: 751 Main Street, 
Location: Marker is located one-half block east of Old Town Hall in Groveport, in front of middle school.
Latitude: 39.8508370
Longitude: -82.8798850