Remarkable Ohio


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ALERT: This marker was inadvertently given a non-Ashland County number (7-70). It should be 6-3.

6-3 Clear Fork Gorge-A Feature of Ohio’s Forests

Side A: Clear Fork Gorge was formed when glacial meltwater cut through the sandstone bedrock that forms its steep walls fourteen to twenty-four thousand years ago. The gorge is one thousand feet wide and over three hundred feet deep. Its seclusion has preserved a rare forest community that includes native white pine and towering eastern hemlock. A National Natural Landmark, the gorge displays a wide variety of other tree species more common throughout the state, with sycamore on the bottomlands, beech, ash, and tulip farther up the slopes, and oak and maple on the ridges above. The gorge has changed little since pioneer legend Johnny Appleseed tended his apple orchards nearby.
Side B: Same
Sponsors: Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The International Paper Company Foundation, and The Ohio Historical Society
Address: Gorge Overlook, Mohican State Park, 3116 OH 3, 
Location: Gorge Overlook accessed from OH 97 via ODNR Mohican Rd 51
Latitude: 40.6110340
Longitude: -82.2858770