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The Ohio Historical Marker Program

The Ohio Historical Marker program is administered by the Local History Services Department of the Ohio History Connection. Since 1957, the program has placed more than 1,700 markers that share our state’s history. Partnering with community sponsors, we help tell the unique stories of the people, places, things, or events that helped shape individual communities as well as Ohio and the nation. Approximately 20-30 new markers are accepted into the program each year.

Corporate Limit Markers, the Ohio-shaped signs posted at village and city limits, are also administered through the program.

Interested in obtaining either an Ohio Historical Marker or a Corporate Limit Marker? The program runs on an annual July-June cycle and applications are due in our office every year on May 1. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Ohio Historical Marker program, we can only entertain one application from an individual or organization in any given round of applications. Applications, price lists, grant information, and other helpful tips are found on the "Propose a Marker" page.

IMPORTANT: The May 1 application deadline applies to ALL applicants, regardless if you plan to fully fund the marker or are seeking marker grants to help defray the cost of erecting a marker. We do not accept applications on a rolling basis through the year. Applications that arrive prior to the next May 1 deadline will be placed into a holding file for the next application cycle. Every May and June internal and external committees carefully review applications and make decisions for the next round of markers as well as the awarding of marker grants. In doing so, the committees strive to represent all the stories across the state and to uphold the Ohio History Connection’s core values of relevance, authenticity, inclusivity, stewardship, and working together.

Help us keep Ohio Historical Marker information up-to-date

Do you know about a relocated or missing marker? Please let us know and we will update information or post an alert on Remarkable Ohio. If possible, complete and submit the Marker Relocation Form so we can record the movements or disappearance of the more than 1,700 markers around Ohio.

To file information about a damaged marker, please submit photographs along with the attached Marker Condition Form.


Phone Ohio Historical Marker Coordinator, Laura Russell, at 614-297-2360, or email her at