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New Market
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Oliver Harris - 1780-1845
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In 1798, Henry Massie, brother of General Nathaniel Massie, platted a town, the earliest permanent settlement in Highland County, covering 400 acres and named it New Market after a town in his native Virginia. New Market served as the unofficial county seat until Hillsboro assumed that title in 1807. Despite being traversed by the Cincinnati-Chillicothe Post Road with seven other roads (including one from Manchester) leading in, New Market ceased being an active trade and civic center. It is now a small hamlet with a cluster of dwellings, a church, and a few businesses.
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In 1810, Oliver Harris migrated here from New Jersey with his wife, Amy Bereman Harris. A journal that he kept for 35 years until his death tells of a man with diverse skills, staunch character, deep faith, and patriotism. He served as a Lieutenant during the War of 1812 and organized a church, originally known as the Little Rocky Fork Church, at his home in 1838. His treasured legacy, excerpts of which have been published, has been carefully preserved locally by 6 generations. Harris and his great, great grandson, namesake Oliver Harris, are interred in Baptist Cemetery.
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