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Brock Cemetery, Greenville-St. Marys Road D

, OH

Phoebe Ann Mosey, also known as Annie Oakley, was born six miles northeast of here in what was then Woodland, later renamed Willowdell. Born in 1860, she was the sixth daughter born to Jacob and Susan Mosey. After the death of her father, she engaged in shooting wild game to feed the Mosey family. This child prodigy shooter shot match after match until she won a life-changing match in 1881 with champion shooter, Frank Butler. In 1882, Phoebe Ann married Butler in Windsor, Ontario.

4721 Reading Road

, OH

Fr. John Henni founded St. Aloysius Orphanage in 1837 to care for German-speaking Catholic children who were left abandoned by the cholera epidemics of the 1830s. The orphanage has occupied its main building since 1856. All of the orphanage’s other buildings were constructed by 1930. In 1864, additional land was purchased, making the orphanage a self-sufficient farm growing fruits and vegetables as well as livestock.