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Serpent Mound Marker
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4-88 Sheriden Cave

490_11054.jpg Thumbnails4-88 Sheriden CaveThumbnails4-88 Sheriden CaveThumbnails4-88 Sheriden Cave

Side A: Sheriden Cave. Indian Trail Caverns, first opened in 1927, is one of many caves that occur on the dolomite ridge traversed by State Route 568 in Wyandot and Hancock counties. Sheriden Cave, a karst sinkhole associated with the caverns, was discovered in 1989. It has collected a remarkable record of Ice Age animal and human activity in its sediments. Excavations have revealed remains of many extinct Late Pleistocene Epoch animals-giant beaver, stag moose, flat-headed and long-nosed peccary, and short-faced bear, among many others-that were sealed in the cave by glacial deposits more than ten thousand years ago. Paleo-Indian tools, including projectile points and scrapers, are evidence of the earliest-known human activity in this region. Side B: Same. Same