Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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Side A: Thomas Corwin (1794-1865). One of the most effective political orators of his era, Tom Corwin (nicknamed "the Wagon Boy" for his War of 1812 service) resided here from 1839 until his death. A Whig stump speaker known for his wit and eloquence, he was elected governor of Ohio in 1840 and campaigned for William Henry Harrison in his presidential victory that year. Corwin served six terms in Congress and one in the Senate, where he spoke out against the Mexican War in 1847. He also served as secretary of the treasury in the Fillmore administration and as President Lincoln's minister to Mexico. Built and first occupied by Corwin's brother-in-law Phineas Ross in 1818, the Corwin House is representative of Federal-style architecture of this period. Side B: Same. Same