Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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18-78 River Walk

1011_106464.jpg Thumbnails18-78 Literary CircleThumbnails18-78 Literary CircleThumbnails18-78 Literary Circle

Side A: Kenneth Patchen American Poet, 1911-1972. One of America's most inventive twentieth century writers, Kenneth Patchen was born in Niles and graduated Warren G. Harding High School in 1929. He first published his poetry while studying at an experimental college at the University of Wisconsin in 1929. A pacifist deeply concerned with the human condition in mid-twentieth century America, Patchen blended linguistic and visual elements to create avant-garde works that defied literary conventions of the period, presaging both the "beat" and "concrete" movements of the 1950s. The Journal of Albion Moonlight (1941) and Hallelujah Anyway: Picture Poems (1966) are among the best known of his more than forty works of poetry, prose, and drama. Side B: Same. Same