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28-77 Soap Box Derby

825_2884.jpg 28-77 Soap Box DerbyThumbnails28-77 Soap Box Derby28-77 Soap Box DerbyThumbnails28-77 Soap Box Derby28-77 Soap Box DerbyThumbnails28-77 Soap Box Derby

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Marker Details

Title, side A
The Oak Openings Regions
Title, side B
SW corner of S McCord Road & Holly Drive
Holland, 43558
Outside the fence of the NE part of Strawberry Acres Park
Akron, Militia

Picture Details

Soap Box Derby
This photograph shows the 1980 Soap Box Derby, held in Akron, Ohio. Myron Scott, a Dayton Daily News photographer, established the All-American Soap Box Derby in Dayton in 1933. The first race was such a success that another was planned for the following year, with support of newspapers across the country. Akron Beacon Journal sports editor Jim Schlemmer was instrumental in garnering support from Akron's rubber companies for the race. Shortly after the 1934 race, a delegation from Akron met with Derby sponsor Chevrolet to explore the possibility of making the Derby a national event and moving it to Akron. They were successful and in 1935 the Soap Box Derby was held in Akron on Tallmadge Hill. The following year the Derby was held at Derby Downs, a Works Progress Administration project built adjacent to the Akron Municipal Airport. Each summer the Derby attracts youth from all over the world to compete in the Gravity Grand Prix. (AL06151)