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Serpent Mound Marker
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28-77 #2- The Marker

825_10568.jpg 28-77 #1- The Setting - Sept '06Thumbnails28-77 #3- The Hill28-77 #1- The Setting - Sept '06Thumbnails28-77 #3- The Hill28-77 #1- The Setting - Sept '06Thumbnails28-77 #3- The Hill

Side A: The Soap Box Derby. An annual summer tradition for American youth since the 1930s, the All-American Soap Box Derby was the concept of journalist Myron E. ("Scottie") Scott, who covered an impromptu homebuilt gravity-car race in Dayton in 1933. Scott conceived and promoted a prize-awarding event later that year, and to his surprise 362 boys entered the race. Restrictions on material cost and participants' ages widened the sport's appeal; the Soap Box Derby held its first national championship in Akron in 1935, sponsored by the auto and rubber industries. Derby Downs, built as a public works project by the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration (WPA), has been the event's home since 1936. The Soap Box Derby continues to promote the values of craftsmanship, sportsmanship, and perseverance for generations of American youth. Side B: Same. Same