Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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18-77 #1- The Setting

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Side A: Ghent Woolen Mill. The Ghent Woolen Mill was one of at least thirteen mills built in the Yellow Creek Valley to take advantage of the water power available in the creek's 400-foot fall across Bath Township. Erected by Messrs. Allen and Bloom in 1832, it was a marginal commercial success and changed hands several times during the 1800s - reportedly because an abundant wolf population in this region made raising sheep a risky venture. In its peak years of operation during the Civil War era the Ghent mill processed as much as 10,000 pounds of wool into finished cloth and yarn annually. It was converted to a machine shop circa 1889 and subsequently into private residences in the late 1890s. The oldest known woolen mill still standing in Ohio, it retains many of its original architectural features. Side B: Same. Same