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20-76 Alliance Carnation Festival Queen

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Marker Details

Title, side A
North Olmsted-First Settlement and Schoolhouse
Title, side B
North Olmsted Fire Station #2, Lorain Road
North Olmsted, 44070
Located just N of intersection of Christman Road and Lorain Road

Picture Details

Alliance Carnation Festival Queen
A photograph showing the crowning of the Carnation Festival Queen in Alliance, Ohio. The photograph was taken in the 1960s. Alliance became known as the "Carnation City" in 1876, when Dr. Levi L. Lamborn began giving William McKinley a carnation prior to their congressional debates. McKinley, who was a close friend of Lamborn, considered the carnation a good luck charm and wore them throughout his career as Governor of Ohio and President of the United States. The carnation became the state flower of Ohio in 1904 as a rembrance to the assassinated President. In 1960, Alliance was officially designated "Carnation City" and the first Carnation Festival was held (Om3294_002).