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2-73 Sciotoville Bridge, Portsmouth

36_4911.jpg 2-73 Sciotoville Bridge, PortsmouthThumbnails2-73 Sciotoville Bridge, PortsmouthThumbnails2-73 Sciotoville Bridge, PortsmouthThumbnails

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Marker Details

Title, side A
The Chagrin River's "High Falls"
Title, side B
SW corner of N. Main Street and Bell Street
Chagrin Falls, 44022
Marker is hanging on the left side of the stairway to the Falls. You have to go to a small alcove to the left of the stairs to view it
Bridges, Portsmouth

Picture Details

Sciotoville Bridge, Portsmouth
The Sciotoville Bridge in Portsmouth, Ohio, designed and built by two famous American Civil Engineers, Gustav Lindenthal, D.Sc. (1850-1935), the Consulting Engineer (and) David Barnard Steinman, D.Sc. (1887-1960), the designer and stress analyst in 1917. A double track railroad bridge of twin spans each 775 feet long, it remained until 1935 the longest continuous truss bridge in the world and stands today as the prototype for continuous structures. Its construction marked a major advance in the art of bridge engineering and was a pioneer achievement in continuous truss analysis. In beauty of design, size and erection techniques it stands as a landmark of progress in man's mastery of his environment (AL06801).