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Serpent Mound Marker
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3-70 Mansfield Blockhouse

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Side A: Johnny Appleseed's Run for Reinforcements. The killing of local shopkeeper Levi Jones stirred rumors of an impending Indian attack. Mansfield's settlers needed help. On the evening of August 9, 1813, Johnny Appleseed is believed to have embarked from here on a daring overnight journey to the settlements of Clinton and Mount Vernon for reinforcements. At the time of Appleseed's run, this square was the site of two blockhouses erected during the War of 1812. One blockhouse, constructed of round logs by a Captain Schaeffer of Fairfield County, stood at the intersection of Main Street and Park Avenue West. Colonel Charles Williams of Coshocton built the other blockhouse of hewn logs. It was located in the middle of the north side of the square and later served as Mansfield's first courthouse. Side B: Same. Same