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Serpent Mound Marker
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8-62 The Setting

524_115118.jpg Thumbnails8-62 Gilbralter IslandThumbnails8-62 Gilbralter IslandThumbnails8-62 Gilbralter IslandThumbnails8-62 Gilbralter Island

Side A: Gibraltar Island. This 6.5 acre island, named for the resemblance of its dolomite ledges to the Rock of Gibraltar, was the likely observation site for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's naval forces during the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813. Stone Laboratory, located on both Gibraltar and South Bass islands, is the oldest freshwater biological field station and research laboratory in the United States. Founded in 1895 as the Lake Laboratory, it was named for Franz Stone, whose son Julius purchased the island from the Jay Cooke family and presented it to Ohio State University in 1925. It continues as the research and teaching laboratory for the Ohio Sea Grant College Program. The Jay Cooke Castle on the island is a National Historic Landmark. Side B: Same. Same