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Serpent Mound Marker
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7-57 Wright Field

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Side A: Wright Field. Named for the 1903 co-inventors of the airplane, Wilbur and Orville Wright of Dayton, Ohio, Wright Field has been the center of aeronautical research, development, and weapon system acquisition since its establishment. Wright Field assumed this mission and was dedicated on October 12, 1927 after McCook Field (1917-1927), America's "Cradle of Aviation" near downtown Dayton, closed its gates. ?Here on this ground where Wilbur and Orville Wright brought to full life man's age-old dream of rising in flight above the earth, we of Wright Field consecrate ourselves to the splendid vision and unswerving purpose which motivated those great and honored pioneers of the sky. Their patience, their firm determination, their untiring devotion to their aim " these we take as a light to guide and inspire us." --Creed of Wright Field, December 17, 1942 Side B: Same. Same