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14-1 Lafferty Funeral Collection

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Side A: Lafferty Funeral Collection. The William Lafferty Memorial Funeral and Carriage Collection shows the development of the funeral business since the mid-1800s through an exhibit of caskets, funeral clothing, and hearses collected and preserved by James William Lafferty (1912 - 1987). William was a member the fourth generation of Laffertys to serve West Union and Adams County. Characteristic of the early history of the profession, William Voris (W.V.) Lafferty (1830-1922) founded the business in 1848 to meet the demand for caskets, which he, as a furniture and cabinetmaker, was often asked to build. (Continued on other side) Side B: Same. (Continued from other side) As embalming gained favor during the Civil War, W.V. taught himself this practice. As professional instruction became desirable for undertakers, W.V.'s son Theodore (1862 - 1914) and Theodore's son Latour (1889 - 1933) completed courses in the field. The collection features artifacts belonging to W.V Lafferty, as well as those used by Theodore and Latour. Dedicated to the memory of James William Lafferty, the family opened the collection in 1994. The turn of the 21st century marks the sixth generation of Laffertys in funeral business.