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43-48 The Priest or Pandas lives in the house

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Side A: Hindu Temple and Heritage Hall. The Hindu Temple of Toledo was established in 1981 for the growing Hindu and Jain communities in northwest Ohio. Religious functions were initially held in a house located on a 15-acre property purchased in 1983. The Temple, designed in a Hindu-American style, was dedicated in August 1989. In 2000, the Temple underwent an expansion of 6000 square feet to the Heritage Hall area. Deities, Ganesh, Krishna, Radha, Vishnu, Laxmi, Rama, Sita, and Mahavir, are housed in the Temple. The holy structure is a living legacy of peaceful co-existence among religions and cultures. Side B: Same. Followers perform prayer, Murti Pujas, meditate, practice in Havan Yagnas, and chant ancient Vedic Mantras. The temple community believes in religious harmony by respecting all religions and encourages co-existence through the principle of "Live, Let Live and help others to Live." The unique strength of Hinduism and Jainism is their flexibility and diversity. The ultimate goal, in both religions, is to attain Moksha (Enlightenment) by living a virtuous life. The Heritage Hall provides an opportunity to share ethnic and cultural heritage with the local community.