Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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25-47 Black River Landing

6876_109008.jpg 25-47 Route 6 bridgeThumbnails25-47 Marker25-47 Route 6 bridgeThumbnails25-47 Marker25-47 Route 6 bridgeThumbnails25-47 Marker

Front Text: Prior to the Civil War, Ohio was a leading state for enslaved Americans of African decent traveling the Underground Railroad to freedom in Canada. For these fugitives, their final stop in Ohio was a Lake Erie port community in the north. One such port was at the mouth of the Black River in Lorain that came to be identified as Lorain Station 100, named because it was thought to be one of the last stops or stations before the fugitive slaves reached freedom in Canada. Many arrived here in a wagon driven by Robbins Burrell who owned a farm five miles up the Black River. Concealed by vegetables, grains, or hay, the slaves were smuggled into schooners, some of which belonged to Burrell's cousin Captain Aaron Root. From Lorain Station 100, the determined travelers were transported across Lake Erie, completing the final leg of their long journey to freedom. Back Text: Same