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Serpent Mound Marker
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18-47 Lorain County Community College

852_109005.jpg 18-47 LCCC signThumbnails18-47 College18-47 LCCC signThumbnails18-47 College18-47 LCCC signThumbnails18-47 College

Front Text: Lorain County Community College opened its Abbe Road facilities on October 3, 1966, making it the first community college in Ohio with a permanent campus. At the time, three buildings had been completed on the 250-acre site-Engineering Technologies, Physical Science, and Mechanical Services. By the end of the Fall 1966 semester, three more buildings opened-College Center, Business, and Physical Education. Lorain County Community College has become a cornerstone of the community, contributing to the educational and social and cultural enrichment of all Lorain County residents. Back Text: Same