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Serpent Mound Marker
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9-46 Marker

105996_109144.jpg Canteen+with+ladies+outsideThumbnails  Marker 9-46Canteen+with+ladies+outsideThumbnails  Marker 9-46Canteen+with+ladies+outsideThumbnails  Marker 9-46

Side A: Free Servicemen's Canteen, 1942-1946. Representative of the patriotic spirit of the homefront during World War II, the Big Four Route Veterans Association Women's Auxiliary No. 3 operated a free canteen service for troops in a small white building on the platform of the New York Central Railroad. Staffed and funded entirely by volunteers, donations came from ten counties. The 170 volunteer ladies met servicemen with welcoming words, thousands of sandwiches, desserts, fruits, drinks, and cigarettes, despite federal government rationing restrictions. Approximately 702,779 soldiers, sailors, and marines were fed on their trips to and from the European and Pacific theaters of war. This was one of the few known canteens known to serve all nationalities and races. Margaret Clingerman, who started the canteen, influenced the establishment of six other canteens in Ohio. Side B: Same. Same