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8-46 Sandy Beach Amusement Park

765_10762.jpg Thumbnails8-46 Sandy Beach Amusement ParkThumbnails8-46 Sandy Beach Amusement ParkThumbnails8-46 Sandy Beach Amusement Park

Side A: Sandy Beach Amusement Park. Nicknamed "Ohio's Million Dollar Playground" or "Atlantic City of the Midwest," Sandy Beach Amusement Park opened here on May 29, 1924. The park at Indian Lake featured a 2,000-foot long roller coaster and other popular rides, a boardwalk, and the Minnewawa Dance Hall. The Minnewawa and its succeeding dance pavilions hosted the greatest names of the Big Band era, and thousands of people came from all over Ohio to listen and dance to these popular entertainers. Societal turmoil and rioting in the 1960s affected the popularity of the park. Diminishing crowds, plus competition from larger theme parks such as Cedar Point and Kings Island, led to the park closing in the early 1970s. The lone remnant of the park is the steel arch bridge that spans the harbor. Side B: Same. Same