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Serpent Mound Marker
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7-46 Flatwoods school class of 1915

567_6540.jpg Thumbnails7-46 Flatwoods MarkerThumbnails7-46 Flatwoods MarkerThumbnails7-46 Flatwoods Marker

Side A: Flatwoods Schoolhouse. Descendants of slaves, who may have reached Ohio through the Underground Railroad, and other African Americans, formed the community of Flatwoods in the southwest part of Bokescreek Township. This one-room schoolhouse was built circa 1868 for African American children of Flatwoods and remained open until 1923. Remnants of past lessons remain inscribed on the chalkboard. The schoolhouse was threatened with demolition in 1999 and later moved to Veteran's Park. The Logan County Historical Society owns and maintains the site as a living history museum. Side B: Same. Same