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Serpent Mound Marker
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2-46 Earl S. Sloan 1848-1923

260_10781.jpg Thumbnails2-46 Earl S. Sloan 1848-1923Thumbnails2-46 Earl S. Sloan 1848-1923Thumbnails2-46 Earl S. Sloan 1848-1923

Side A: Earl S. Sloan 1848-1923. Earl Sloan's accumulation of a fortune from the formulation and sale of "Sloan's Liniment" resulted in the creation of a living legacy. To "honor the place of his nativity" Dr. Earl Sloan donated funds to build the Sloan Library for the people of Zanesfield. With a wish to teach boys and girls "trades, mechanical and domestic science," he also provided for the establishment of the Sloan Industrial School. Dr. Sloan's vision for the future continues to aid and inspire young people today as they benefit from educational opportunities made possible through his generosity. Side B: Same. Same