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Marker Details

Title, side A
Flint Ridge
Title, side B
15300 Flint Ridge Road
Glenford, 43739
Located at flag of Flint Ridge State Memorial, SE corner of Flint Ridge Road and Brownsville Road SE

Picture Details

Flint Ridge Flint
Flint is Ohio's official gemstone and Flint Ridge flint is renowned for its color and beauty. Flint is silicon dioxide (SiO2)--the same chemical formula as the quartz crystals that are visible on the first image. Small specks of other minerals included in the crystal give it its varied appearance. In pre-historic times, the flint was used by American Indians for tools including knives and spear points; today, the polished stone is valued in jewelry making. The most famous deposit of flint in Ohio is an area in eastern Licking and western Muskingum counties known as Flint Ridge. Flint Ridge Flint became Ohio's official gemstone in 1965 (Om1404_001).