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2-44 Wonders

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Side A: The Waterloo Wonders. Waterloo was home to the legendary Waterloo Wonders. Coach Magellan Hariston and his Wonder Five captured consecutive Ohio state high school Class B basketball championships in 1934 & 1935, winning 94 out of 97 games, and defeating many Class A and college teams. The 91st Ohio House of Representatives honored the Waterloo Wonders with a resolution following their second Class B State Championship win. The Wonders, known for their colorful passing show, entertained fans with their scoring ability, defense, trick passes, and hardwood antics. Hailing from a small village with a school male enrollment of only 26, the Waterloo Wonders were considered one of the greatest basketball teams ever assembled on the Ohio high school athletic scene. After high school, four of the Wonder Five played professionally as the Waterloo Wonders, ranking among the best basketball squads in the country. Side B: Waterloo's Historic Wonder Five 1934 and 1935 Class B State Champions. Curtis McMahon, Team Captain, 5'11", Greasy Ridge; Beryl Drummond, 5'8", Flag Springs; Orlyn Roberts, 5'11", Waterloo; Wyman Roberts, 5'11", Waterloo; Steward Wiseman, 5'7", Sheritts; Magellan Hairston, Coach and Principal of Waterloo High School; Other Team Members: Carl Adams, Edgar Griffith, Burkie Brumfield, Owen Knox, Lee Drummond, Forest Malone, Kenneth McCauley, Team Statistician. Cheerleaders: Kathryn (Bradshaw) McMahon, Blanche (Vermillion) Spears. School Colors: Black and White. School Cheer: A basket, a basket, a basket, boys. You make the basket, we'll make the noise. Yea black, Yea white, Yea team, win tonight!