Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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17-43 The Marker

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Front Text: For over 200 years, the Mentor Lagoons have had a major impact on northeastern Ohio and its people. Located on the site of a large estuary where the Grand River once flowed into Lake Erie, the area evolved into a large marsh. It was here in 1797 that Charles Parker, a member of Moses Cleaveland's survey party, platted lands for the Connecticut Land Company and established the "Marsh Settlement," the first in what later became Lake County. Throughout the twentieth century, attempts were made to commercially develop this natural treasure, the most recent occurring in 1996. The proposed destruction of the Mentor Lagoons' pristine lakefront, upland forest and riverine marsh prompted Mentor voters to call for its preservation. For the first time in Ohio's history, voters affirmed eminent domain action to protect open space. This led to the city's acquisition of the 450-acre tract, now known as the Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve & Marina. Back Text: Same