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Serpent Mound Marker
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6-41 Ohio River Lock and Dam 10 Site

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Side A: Ohio River Lock and Dam 10 Site. Lock and Dam 10, completed in 1915, was part of a slack-water navigation system built for the Ohio River. The site included a brick powerhouse and two lockkeeper houses. The lock and dam was replaced when Pike Island Dam was completed in 1965. The buildings were demolished in 1975. Remnants include two sets of steps, a 600-foot ramp, the lock esplanade and wall, and a recess at the east end where the lock gate once retracted. The first part of this system was the Davis Island Dam near Pittsburgh, completed in 1885. By 1929, a nine-foot pool had been completed along the entire length of the Ohio, culminating with Lock and Dam 53 at Grand Chain, Illinois. Built by the Pittsburgh District of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, this system resulted in a more navigable Ohio River with increased depth and diminished current. Side B: Same. Same