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15-32 Riverside Park

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Side A: Riverside Park. One of the earliest and largest amusement parks in Northwest Ohio dedicated in 1906 on site of old waterworks. Trains brought visitors from as far away as Cleveland. 1907: Dance Pavilion and 2,000 seat auditorium built. 1908: Bathing beach made in old reservoir. 1925: Green Mill Dance Hall built on side near dam. Big name bands highlight entertainment. 1936: Shelters, band shell, and pool bath house made from bricks of old waterworks. 1978: Renovation of waterfront begins new era. Side B: Old Mill Stream. Blanchard River Valley was home for Findlay native Tell Taylor who wrote ballad "Down by the Old Mill Stream" in 1908. Settlers established many saw and grist mills. 1881: Findlay Ice Company cuts 3,000 tons of river ice which is stored in two ice houses. 1888: Construction begins on Riverside dam, reservoir, and waterworks east of Findlay. 1905: Seven foot dam built near (Liberty Street) to elevate water level for boating. 1907: Seventy foot, 250-passenger steamer makes first trip from Main Street to Riverside Park. 1980: Old Mill Stream Parkway dedicated.