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Serpent Mound Marker
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92-25 Ohio State Football Team

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Side A: Site of First Ohio State Home Football Game. In the fall, life for many in Columbus revolves around Ohio State University football, from the first kickoff in September to the last play in November. O.S.U.'s first home game took place at 2:30 P.M. on November 1, 1890. The Ohio State University played the University of Wooster on this site, which was then called Recreation Park. Just east of historic German Village, the park occupied the north side of Schiller (now Whittier) between Ebner and Jaeger in what is now Schumacher Place. The weather was perfect, and the crowd reportedly included a number of women, who cheered loudly. Nonetheless, O.S.U. lost to Wooster 64-0. Wooster, physically fit for the game, showed O.S.U. that training is critical to winning. The tradition of training continues. Today, on football Saturdays in Ohio Stadium on Woody Hayes Drive, the sound of an O.S.U. home game can be heard around the world. Side B: The Ohio State University Football Team 1890. Alexander S. Lilley, Coach Fred B. "Jack" Ryder, Coach Jesse L. Jones, Captain Paul M. Lincoln, Captain Hamilton H. Richardson Herbert L. Johnson David S. Hegler Hiram E. Rutan W.S. Scott G.C. Schaffer W.A. Landacre Joseph H. Large Frank W. Rane Richard T.B. Ellis Charles B. Morrey A.P. Bronson H. Beatty H.J. Whitacre R.O. Keiser John B. Huggins Charles W. Foulk Walter H. Miller Arthur M. Kennedy Edward D. Martin