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Serpent Mound Marker
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Title, side A
Western Reserve
Title, side B
294 Main Street
Conneaut, 44030
NW corner of Main Street and Broad Street
Conneaut, Pioneers

Picture Details

Western Reserve and the Firelands Map
This 1826 "Map of the Western Reserve Including the Firelands in Ohio" was engraved by Savery Pitt and published by William Sumner. Earlier versions of the map list Horace Kingsbury as the creator. This map is part of the Fox Map Collection at Hiram College, which consists of maps documenting the growth of Ohio. The Western Reserve consisted of 3.3 million acres in northeastern Ohio, between the Pennsylvania line and the current Seneca and Sandusky county lines. The land was retained by Connecticut when it ceded to the federal government its claims to other western lands in 1786. The "Firelands," in the western portion of the Western Reserve, was set aside for citizens of Norwalk, Connecticut whose homes were burned by General Tryon during the Revolutionary War.