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Serpent Mound Marker
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45-25 Columbus Depot

657_108136.jpg Thumbnails45-25 Columbus DepotThumbnails45-25 Columbus DepotThumbnails45-25 Columbus Depot

Front Text: Since 1918, this installation, currently known as the Defense Supply Center, Columbus, has served the federal government as a procurement and distribution point for military supplies and equipment. Originally named the Columbus Quartermaster Reserve Depot, this location was chosen because of its immediate access to three railroad lines. Expansion of the center continued after World War I, and in the years immediately prior to World War II, the center's mission changed to reconditioning war material for resale. During World War II, the center became the largest military supply installation in the world, employing more than 10,000 civilians and holding over 400 Axis prisoners of war in secured barracks. The installation continues to provide a variety of parts and supplies to all branches of the Armed Forces and other Federal agencies. Back Text: Same