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Serpent Mound Marker
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2-24 Marker

874_109140.jpg Thumbnails2-24 Harry M. DaughertyThumbnails2-24 Harry M. DaughertyThumbnails2-24 Harry M. Daugherty

Side A: Harry M. Daugherty. One of Ohio's most influential politicians in the early 20th century, Washington Court House native Harry Daugherty (1860-1941) was widely known as a "President-maker" and served instrumental roles in President Warren G. Harding's administration, culminating a long career in state and national politics. As Attorney General from 1921 to 1924, Daugherty established the first federal women's penitentiary, recommended former president William Howard Taft to the Supreme Court, and ended a controversial 1922 railroad strike. Implicated in scandals complicated by the suicide of his assistant and fellow Fayette County native Jess Smith, Daugherty was eventually cleared in congressional investigations and two bribery trials, and subsequently published an insider's account of the Harding Administration. Both Daugherty and Smith are buried in Washington Cemetery. Side B: Same. Same