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Serpent Mound Marker
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80-31 Diana Porter

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Side A: John T. Crawford's Legacy. John T. Crawford (1813-1880), was a white Union soldier. In gratitude for the kindnesses he received from African-Americans during the Civil War, Crawford willed his 18 1/2-acre farm to be used as a "home, for aged, indigent worthy colored men, preference to be given to those who have suffered the miseries of American Slavery." The Crawford Old Men's Home opened in 1888 and operated until 1964 under the trusteeship of prominent African-Americans such as lawyer William Parham, newspaper editor Wendell Dabney, and Ambassador Jesse D. Locker. It merged with the Progressive Benefit Society's Home for Colored Women to become the Lincoln Crawford Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Pleasant Hill Academy, College Hill Library, and Crawford Commons are all on the site of the Crawford farm. Side B: Same. Same